Dear friends and fans of TORI.XO,

We are excited to surface from hibernation this spring and share with you our 2015 collections that we have been dreaming up and designing these past few months at the upcoming Halifax Crafters market.

This years inspirations are drawn from the city and seas of Argentina.

Recoleta (Re•koh•let•a)

Inspired by my favourite namesake city in Buenos Aires - Recoleta.

The refined chicness of the women that inhabit this city combined with the ornate iron railings that adorn the European style architecture was the starting point for this collection. 

Recoleta redefines romance in a collection of sterling silver and gold jewels.


Orilla (Oh•ree•ja)

Walking along the oceans edge in a sea-side Argentine town (Mar de las Pampas)

I indulged my treasure collecting hobby and found some divine shapes that had to be turned into a series of rings that followed the contour of the hand.



Last year these earrings were a sold out sensation.

We are excited to introduce the earrings with pearl studs and also in 14K yellow gold.


See you there! XO


April 18 + 19,

2304 Hunter Street,


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