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 Thank you for your patience and continued support while we take a step away from our production bench for a while. Here are some answers to some of the questions you have been asking us:

 When will you be taking orders again?

Please check back in with us, Spring 2017 (Northern Hemisphere) when we are back at the bench from maternity leave.

Can I e-mail you questions about current designs and collections, stockists etc?

Absolutely. Keep in mind we are a tad slower on the email reply these days and appreciate your patience in responding.

Do you have a waitlist?

If you can’t stop dreaming about those Peekaboos or Magic Rockpool rings we can put your name down on our XO waitlist for production next Spring.

Where can I buy your work while you are away?

If you are in Halifax, Lady Luck Boutique at the Hydrostone has a lovely selection of our jewels.

Can I still browse your online shop pretending I have the budget to order everything?

Yes! Browsing is free. We’re keeping all the jewels online however you won’t be able to add them to your shopping cart until Spring 2017.

Are you doing your Xmas shows this year?

This is the first year we’ll be taking off from our Xmas shows. We’ll miss seeing all your familiar faces and can’t wait to be back at it next year.

Can I place an order now and have it made when you return?

We’d be happy to add your order to our waitlist and hammer it out next Spring.

What about those peekaboos!!!

We sold out (again) of our much loved peekaboos! If you would like a pair we can add you to the waitlist for 2017.

Is your work available in Australia?

We’re slowly working on this. If you have stockists that you would like to see TORI.XO jewels please let us know.

 If we haven't answered your questions here please drop us a line:


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