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Launching our 2017 collection


We are so happy to be back at the bench and share with you our new collection: Lullaby.

Every night, as I put my baby boy to sleep to the classic Brahms Lullaby, I’m inspired by this gentle melody. Surrounded by the stars from my son’s nightlight, I’m transported to a magical sky where imagination roams free and new jewels are born.

Take a peek at our online store & adorn yourself in stardust. XO


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Written by Tori Poynton — July 27, 2017

Announcement from TORI•XO

Hello to all of our TORI•XO fans and ambassadors,

We have had quite the year and wanted to give you a little update...

2015 was TORI.XO’s biggest growth year yet.

We collaborated with amazing talent on our best ever catalogue, debuted our collections in NY and….

We were awarded Product Line of the Year by the national industry magazine, Canadian Jeweller Mag. at the Canadian Jeweller Awards of excellence.

It was quite humbling to hold the award for Product Line of the Year (with bub in belly) this time last year. Thank you Canadian Jeweller Magazine and the Awards of Excellence.


What’s next for TORI•XO?

As most of you would know by now, in 2016 we welcomed to the world our baby boy, Giovanni. He is an absolute delight and cannot wait to meet you all.

We’re taking some time away from production whilst we dream up our next collections for 2017. It was bittersweet to step away from the bench for a while and made me admire even more all you business owning mamas.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

All you gorgeous ambassadors out there that I see on the streets (and Instagram), keep rocking the limited edition XO jewels you have! Be sure to check in on our social media channels for our full return to the studio in Spring 2017.

Love and a lot of XO’s til then,

Tori xo

Written by Tori Poynton — October 04, 2016

Sneak Peek: Behind the scenes of our New Collection photo shoot

This weekend we collaborated with Halifax' finest talent for our latest photo shoot.

So much planning goes into styling, prepping and assembling such a shoot. From the designing, concept development, story boarding, choosing clothes, models, make up and hair styles. To creating the perfect wisp of wind in the hair and catching the sun's natural light.

We invite you to take a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes action from the day. 

Thanks so much to Meghan Tansey Whitton { photography } Nadine LaRoche { Stylist } Emily Astrid Moore { MUA } Grace Court  { Model } Danielle Pothier { Model }

A sneek peek of the final look, photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton. XO

Stay posted for our 2015 Look Book

Tori xo



Written by Tori Poynton — May 04, 2015


Dear friends and fans of TORI.XO,

We are excited to surface from hibernation this spring and share with you our 2015 collections that we have been dreaming up and designing these past few months at the upcoming Halifax Crafters market.

This years inspirations are drawn from the city and seas of Argentina.

Recoleta (Re•koh•let•a)

Inspired by my favourite namesake city in Buenos Aires - Recoleta.

The refined chicness of the women that inhabit this city combined with the ornate iron railings that adorn the European style architecture was the starting point for this collection. 

Recoleta redefines romance in a collection of sterling silver and gold jewels.


Orilla (Oh•ree•ja)

Walking along the oceans edge in a sea-side Argentine town (Mar de las Pampas)

I indulged my treasure collecting hobby and found some divine shapes that had to be turned into a series of rings that followed the contour of the hand.



Last year these earrings were a sold out sensation.

We are excited to introduce the earrings with pearl studs and also in 14K yellow gold.


See you there! XO


April 18 + 19,

2304 Hunter Street,


Written by Tori Poynton — April 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's, Love Tori xo

Happy Valentines,

Since I was young, (pre-iphone) I would exchange hand-written letters with my girlfriends in class. One day, looking through a shoebox, reading over these letters, I noticed that I always signed “Tori xo”.

It got me thinking, a signature by itself , gives a sense of “made by me” and adding the X’s and O’s…. Made by Tori with love.

And thus is the origin of my brand: TORI•XO

I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day sharing loved-filled stories with your significant others (cats included).

Lots of Love,

Tori xo

Love, Tori xo

Written by Tori Poynton — February 14, 2015

Tori's top 12 jewels for xmas

Tori's top picks:
I’d like to share with you some of our best sellers for 2014 as well as some of my all time favourites.

With over 200 designs in the TORI.XO collection it can be difficult choosing which piece to buy. From a delicate drop earring to a statement necklace we’ll make sure you are covered for ideas with this list.

#1: Sea Grass Pendant Dangly

The ultimate playful piece. Bringing back memories of summer and underwater adventures. Each piece has been hammered and saw-pierced to perfection. The 28” chain makes it easy to throw on over whatever you’re wearing and make a statement.

#2 : Sea Chain Pendant Line

Oh so delicate and that perfect go to piece for everyday

#3 : Sea Gem Ring

The perfect ‘pop of colour’ this season. The ring will ensure you’ll have a conversation piece at any occasion

#4: Mermaids Amulet Pendant

This award winning design captures your heart with its 3 dimensionality and optical illusory components. Available on 24”-28” length chains.

#5: Ripples Bangles

The must have set of bangles for any girls jewellery box.

The sterling bands cross over forming ripple like waves on the arm. The ‘little black dress’ of TORI.XO jewels

#6: Judique earrings

Possibly our best selling earring of all time at TORI.XO (next to Vionnet), the design is perfect for that day-time-into-evening jewel. Also favourited and worn by Canadian Songstress Jill Barber.

#7: Vionnet Cuff

To impress her this Xmas the Vionnet Cuff is a beauty. Hand saw pierced and embellished with our signature lace this timeless piece will make any girl smile.

#8: Key pendant small – San Telmo

The Key Pendant Small San Telmo has won the hearts of many of our clients. Symbolic in so many ways and timeless as ever.

#9: Chantilly Ring

This piece is one of our first designs and still is favoured by many today. The 12mm band showcases the lace designs and will pair well with all of your TORI.XO jewels.

#10: Filete Flower Studs

These sweet little gems surround you with spring memories whilst wearing them. I was told by a client recently how incredible these make her feel each time she wears them (and she loves the matching ring too!)

#11: Floripa Earrings

These statement earrings are inspired by the tropical islands of Brazil and are guaranteed to make you feel special as soon as putting them on

#12: Peekaboo studs

Last but not least we’ll create a limited range of these beauties this xmas. Inspired by lace and designed to trim the ear with sterling lace. These have been our best seller so far this year.


You can purchase these jewels online and try them on for yourselves at the following boutiques:

Lady Luck Boutique in the Hydrostone

5519 Young Street

Halifax, NS


Boutique Joliette – downtown Halifax

1870 Hollis Street

Halifax, NS


Tori xo

Written by Tori Poynton — December 10, 2014

The street that led me to Canada

On November 28th the TORI.XO 7th Annual Jewellery party, will take place at one of my favourite locations in all of Halifax. The Granville Mall, which most of you may know as that beautiful pedestrian street next to NSCAD.

There are so many things I love about this particular patch of Halifax. I mean just look at it.

The first time I saw the images above was back in 2004, while I was applying for an exchange semester from my University in Australia (COFA, UNSW).

I was looking for a European city with a great jewellery program where classes were taught in English. My professor at the time, Vaughan Rees, had done his masters at NSCAD, he spoke of Andy Warhol, an amazing school and a European flare.

So I did a bit of research and five minutes later I was looking at images of stonemason architecture, granite façade and the cobblestone streets surrounding the college.

I promptly filled out a few forms and in the fall of 2005 I arrived to Halifax. After my first few days at NSCAD I fell in love with the school and the quaintness of the surrounding streets and maze of historic buildings.

Ten years later, Granville street still finds way to capture my heart.

You may know that at this location, we shot the cover of the Halifax Magazine , but you may not know that in the late 1800’s, one of these buildings was home to a jewellery studio and shop front. Today we know this place as The Flower Shop.

And I couldn’t be more happy to share with you that Charlotte Pierce, it’s owner and operator, has agreed to host our next TORI.XO event.

The latest in TORI.XO designs inspired by lace with the introduction of chocolate diamonds will debut at this event.

We couldn’t be more excited to have our 7th annual jewellery party here. We hope you can join us for a night of jewellery, music and champagne.

Save the date and please mark an XO on November 28th.


Charlotte at work in The Flower Shop that once was a jewellery shop in the 1800's

The Lace and Chocolate diamond collection will debut at our 7th Annual Jewellery Show.


Written by Tori Poynton — October 27, 2014

Tweets XO